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Loss Prevention Information - Why Outsource Your Shoplift Program?

Outsourcing your loss prevention team is a smart choice. Not only do you avoid any tricky issues regarding insurance, but you don't have to worry about researching, hiring, training, and implementing a shoplift program. The best benefit? It saves you money. Lots of it. While West Coast Loss Prevention can save you over 20 percent on costs alone, that figure doesn't even begin to account for related expenses that are required for implementing your own in-house loss prevention system and not outsourcing to the professionals.

The LA Times reports that loss prevention requires "'CSI' style" levels of teams and equipment, with "investigation units, forensics labs and high-tech preventive measures." These measures are necessary, as 94.5% of retailers report being victims of organized retail crime. These gangs of thieves are taking advantage of retailers who can not afford to implement their own loss prevention program, and forcing some businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. In San Diego, one such gang would go so far as to position merchandise based on size and value, then hit the store in a precision raid. This group of thieves moved to different states and different malls, stealing over $1 million in merchandise before they were caught.

The latest economic trends have increased the threat, as consumers looking for the best prices have increased demand for stolen merchandise in online marketplaces such as eBay. As some stores have had to cut staff levels, fewer workers monitor customers and increase theft levels. Worse of all, store employees have looked to working with retail crime gangs and assisting in theft to supplement their income.

Outsourcing your loss prevention program fixes these problems. West Coast Loss Prevention has decades of experience in managing loss prevention, and we bring with our proven system of loss prevention our own team. This means that your store:

  • Doesn't have to worry about loss prevention agents assisting in shoplifting.
  • Doesn't need to worry about hiring or scheduling, saving valuable HR dollars.
  • Can concentrate on business and not worry about thieves.
  • Will see a reduction in shrink.
  • Will see an increase in sales of products lost to shoplifting.
  • Will improve local schools and public resources by ensuring sales tax is collected.
  • Will see a reduction in costs.
  • Doesn't have to worry about shoplifting, we do it all for you.
A professional Loss Prevention team is a phone call or email away. Contact us today — Don't Become a Statistic.

Some information referenced from an LA times article: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jul/02/business/la-fi-0702-retail-crime-20110702.
Outsourcing Loss Prevention Saves You Money - Contact West Coast Loss Prevention - The Orange County California Loss Prevention Experts
- Don't become A STATISTIC.

Shoplifting is a serious problem, and it's getting worse. 2011 saw an extreme increase in shoplifting, as more criminals and customers have taken to theft. Some businesses have been hit so hard that they are forced to close their doors. Retail theft is predicted to only to get worse in the coming years, and now is the time to act. Training and implementing your own shoplift program costs money and resources that your business needs. Studies have shown that out-sourcing your shoplift program can save you over 20% on costs. West Coast Loss Prevention by Tier 1 Solutions offers you not just a return on your investment, but decades of experience in loss prevention. Let us manage your program: We do it all for you!

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