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Loss Prevention Information - Organized Retail Crime

Organized Retail Crime is most commonly associated with gangs or groups of individuals who shoplift on a professional level. The phrase "professional level" means that these shoplift teams aren't merely stealing from your store as a spur of the moment incident for an adrenaline rush, these groups have been found to have incidents of $100,000,000 stolen over periods as little as five years. Organized Retail Crime isn't just a problem hitting larger chains either, these thieves will hit smaller stores just as easily as larger ones. Thanks to technological advancements, they are becoming more organized, better equipped, and harder to track.

From street vendors to Wal-Mart, everyone is impacted by Organized Retail Crime. Recent studies have found that over 93 percent of retailers are aware that they had been victims of organized retail theft, and experts estimate that companies who believe they are unaffected are simply unaware. Corner drug stores, rural farm supply stores, vintage clothing outlets, and even furniture stores are all victims. Stores without dedicated loss prevention specialists, such as West Coast Loss Prevention, are easy targets. Industry experts have found that as stores have cut employees and reduced their shoplift programs, they now face sky-rocketing levels of theft, losing far more than they are saving.

Many thieves now use internet auction sites such as eBay or even the Amazon Marketplace to sell their stolen goods. Case studies have found that buyers on internet sites often expect goods in less-than-pristine conditions, and believe that generic or re-labeled products are a benefit of shopping on-line, not as possible stolen goods. A recent investigation by police discovered a professional retail theft ring that had stolen over $17,000,000 in baby formula over just a few years, which was then re-labeled and marketed as a discount brand online.

In stopping Organized Retail Crime, your best defense is a dedicated anti-shoplift team, and outsourcing your loss prevention team to a company that has specifically trained its agents to watch for, and prevent, organized retail crime gives you the best chances for protecting your business. West Coast Loss Prevention has decades of experience in Organized Retail Crime, and has an industry proven program for success. Best of all, outsourcing your loss prevention program has been proven to save on costs and decrease shrink rates over using in-house personnel.

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Shoplifting is a serious problem, and it's getting worse. 2011 saw an extreme increase in shoplifting, as more criminals and customers have taken to theft. Some businesses have been hit so hard that they are forced to close their doors. Retail theft is predicted to only to get worse in the coming years, and now is the time to act. Training and implementing your own shoplift program costs money and resources that your business needs. Studies have shown that out-sourcing your shoplift program can save you over 20% on costs. West Coast Loss Prevention by Tier 1 Solutions offers you not just a return on your investment, but decades of experience in loss prevention. Let us manage your program: We do it all for you!

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